Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Park with a Purpose

One of the best kept secrets in Philadelphia is Fitler Square, a park so small and unnoticed that it doesn’t even appear on Google maps.

Less than the size of a full city block, the park on Pine St. between 23rd and 24th streets serves as the centerpiece of the Fitler Square neighborhood, one of the best neighborhoods in the city (and also a best-kept secret). It's a quiet place with brick walkways, leafy plants and trees, and plenty of comfortable benches. There’s a fountain in the middle and several attractive animal sculptures, all of which fit the park’s small dimensions. It’s a clean and comfortable respite that is just a few blocks south of the much more active Rittenhouse Square. Despite its center city location tourists as well as many city residents don’t know of its existence.

The park serves as the stage for a weekly farmer’s market, and annual occasions—such Halloween and Easter events. There’s even a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Fitler Square was created in 1896 and named after Edwin H. Fitler, mayor of Philadelphia from 1887 to 1891. Its success is a testament to the Fitler Square Improvement Association, which raises money and works with the city’s parks and recreation department for its maintenance. I’m sure Mr. Fitler would be proud to see that a space named after him has served the community so well.

More images follow:

Grizzly by Eric Berg

The Ram by Gerd Hesness

Turtles by Eric Berg

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