Monday, December 21, 2009

The White Before Christmas

A blizzard on Dec. 19 and 20, 2009, dropped 23.2 inches of snow in Philadelphia. It was the largest snowfall amount on record in the month of December and the second largest of all time. During the heart of the storm Saturday afternoon, I went out for about an hour and took some snapshots in my Fairmount neighborhood. Businesses remained opened and people were out on foot enjoying the day.

The photo in the center is taken from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and it is a typical view of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. On the left and below are pictures I took during the storm.

The Washington Monument on Eakins Oval (top) with the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the background. The Philadelphia Museum of Art's Raymond G. Perelman Building, blurred by dampness on my camera lens.

Meredith Street (top) and 25th Street.

Fairmount Avenue (top) and Perot Street (center and below).

Maria, wearing what she calls her, Julie Christie hat outside of Oliver's Antiques (top). The lovely ladies at Zorba's Greek restaurant. The Garden Fresh produce store.

Children and dogs playing in the snow.

Eastern State Penitentiary looking more ominous than usual.

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