Friday, September 25, 2009

A Century of Swedish Design Innovation

Innovation, minimalism, and practicality that are among the hallmarks of Swedish design are on display at the Nationalmuseum of Stockholm in an exhibition titled, “Design 19002000.”

The permanent exhibition in Sweden’s largest museum contains about 30,000 items including business class serving sets used by SAS airlines (pictured above), hand-crafted fine jewelry, appliances, kitchen tools, and of course, furniture. All of the major design periods are featured in the exhibition, including works from the Stockholm Exhibition of 1930, the Scandinavian Design movement of the 1950s and Swedish new simplicity movement in the 1990s.

Following are some photographs from the exhibition:

Cleaning products, coffee and tea pots, typewriters and other items display the practicality of Swedish design.

Simple chair designs that have been used throughout the world.

Egyptian necklace made of gold, silk and titanium by Swedish designer Helena Edman.

Glass bowl by American artist Mary Ann Zynsky.

More practical designs.

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