Saturday, September 26, 2009

‘Classic’ Swedish Coffee

I sadly discovered there are very few Swedish products for sale in the duty-free area of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

Becoming a bit desperate to find something to bring home to my wife and use the rest of my Swedish krona, I stumbled upon a little section of authentic Swedish food products at a newsstand. Among the items was something called Classic coffee by the Arvid Nordquist company.

It turned out to be an excellent find. The brown, white and gold wrapping revealed a medium-brew coffee with hints of nuts and chocolate, or as the package describes as “French nougat.” It has a balanced, mild flavor. Unfortunately, it isn’t sold outside of the Nordic and Baltic regions.

I also purchased three boxes of milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts on sale with the name “Sweden” on the front of the box along with a picturesque Nordic winter scene. They turned out to be made in Australia. While disappointing, it didn’t make them any less delicious.

Arvid Nordquist Classic coffee, Arvid Nordquist H.A.B | Ekensbergsvägen 117, 171 25 Solna | Tel.08 - 799 18 00 |

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